Camp Thailand: A Must-See Guide

Published 27th February 2020

From lively and exciting cities to beautiful sandy beaches and tropical rainforests, Thailand has something for everybody. However, when deciding to visit such a rich and diverse country you may find yourself struggling to decide “Where do I visit in Thailand?”. Here at Camp Thailand, we answer that question for you, offering a variety of packages that take you to all the ‘must visit’ sites in the country. Here’s our guide to travelling in Thailand!


Being the world’s most visited city, the Thai capital is filled with historical monuments, busy markets and authentic Thai cuisine. Monuments such as the Wat Pho temple are one of the oldest in the area and recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. A visit to the Golden Mountain allows not only a cultural experience but also an astounding panoramic view across the entire city. For travellers more attracted to music and partying the mythic Khao San road provides not only an opportunity to wander through the Thai markets during the day but also a great night time experience for those interested by nightlife. Travelling with Camp Thailand on our Camp Elephant, Camp Island Hop and Thailand Ultimate Adventure tours, Bangkok will be the place of your arrival, however, the question remains, what else does Thailand have to offer?


A city known for both its historical and natural attractions Kanchanaburi is close to the Erawan national park, recognised for its stunning Erawan falls which are surrounded by emerald-green pools. In addition to this Kanchanaburi is placed ideally near to elephant sanctuaries, a perfect destination for animal lovers willing to interact and help out an endangered species while on holiday. Historically the city is known for its role during World War II during which the infamous tourist attraction known as the ‘Death Bridge’ was constructed, however, for those less interested by 20th-century history, there are incredible Khmer temple ruins in the area that are easily accessible from the city.

Krabi, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi

With all three destinations resting on the Andaman sea, they offer a picture-perfect experience, with incredibly beautiful beaches and marine life the area offers an amazing opportunity to swim through coral reefs or relax by the waves on the white sand. With larger cities such as Phuket also offering great nightlife and historical sites such as the Phuket Big Buddha there is a vast range of activities and reasons to visit the Western Coast of Thailand and particularly one of Krabi, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket if not all three.

Hua Hin

This is the original coastal resort in Thailand, serving as a summer destination for the royal family who built palaces in the area during the early 1920’s. With the average temperatures in the beautiful coastal town barely dropping under 25 degrees Celsius at the coldest point in the year it is easy to understand why visitors are attracted all year round. There is, however, much more to this destination than simply relaxing by the beach, as with the rest of the country it is full of culture and activities. From the Wat Huay Mongkol temple to the Mrigadayavan Palace or the various natural parks in the region (Kaeng Krachan National Park and the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand Rescue Centre) Hua Hin is a must visit destination for you whilst travelling in Thailand.

While already in Thailand why not take advantage of being so close to Cambodia go on the Cambodia tour, a 6-day tour offered as an extension to Camp Thailand programmes, offering an incredible possibility to visit UNESCO world heritage sites like Angkor Wat along with other unforgettable experiences in this beautiful South East Asian country.


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