Camp Thailand Complaints

Published 14th November 2017

The main thing I’ve noticed about Camp Thailand complaints is that participants have such a great time that they want to stay even longer in Asia.

However, despite having an incredible time during my time at Camp Thailand, I’m going to buck the trend; I feel the need to vent a few frustrations following my experience in paradise at Camp Elephant. So, please bare me for the next 300 words or so. Ok? Let’s go…

First things first: I’ve loved elephants since being little – literally everything about them! Their clumsy feet, beady eyes and lumbering trunk. What’s not to love?! They’re totally awesome. So when I saw the opportunity to head to Camp Elephant and help these wonderful creatures, I jumped at the chance; I even abandoned my principles and wasted my money on a selfie stick for my elephant selfie.

Selfie stick in hand and baring the cheesiest of grins, my magical moment with my ten-tonne treasure took an unexpected turn for the worse, when I was photobombed by the trunk of the Thai elephant, whom I’d devoted copious time and care to; unfortunately, he and his trunk wouldn’t reciprocate with a customary snap and embarrassed, I decided not to try again for the selfie.

After the disappointment of being humiliated by an elephant, I decided that the visit to Monkey Beach at Koh Phi Phi Don would put a smile back on my face – I was wrong.

Granted the surroundings were serene and were well worth a selfie. However, the monkeys decided to steal and snap my precious selfie stick before I had the chance to take my picture – another Instaworthy opportunity wasted!

So, now the heartbreaking tale is out of the way and the memories of the selfie stick have been laid to rest, I’ll move onto my next contribution to my small, yet personal catalogue of Camp Thailand complaints.

Before I left my modest home in the underrated Manchester suburb of Stockport, I expected to arrive in a country of unrivalled architecture. However, the Giant Buddha etc, in my opinion, are no match for the Stockport Railway Viaduct, one of the largest viaducts in the UK. In fact, popular Stockport-born band Blossoms even chose to pose with the viaduct for the artwork for their second album! (As a Stockport resident, I appreciate that there’s a tinge of bias here, nonetheless check it out below…)

Thailand has some awesome viewpoints; we were given the opportunity to hike way up into the mountains and enjoy the views. However, upon reaching the top, the combination of air pressure and humidity aggravated my hyper-sensitive beak and I had to battle the mother of all nose-bleeds – not fun in baking heat!

Oh and to top it off, I dropped my ice cream at the night market.

Other than that, I had a blast.