Application Process

So you are thinking of joining Camp Thailand for the summer of a lifetime…

If you choose to join us you will need to go through our application process. Here is what you can expect during the process with us. If you have any questions at all feel free to drop the team an email to [email protected] or talk to our friendly team on 0161 222 3780.

Step 1 – Apply

Head over to our apply page and complete both pages 1 and 2, once completed you can submit this to our team at HQ, you will receive an email instantly containing a confirmation (make sure you check your spam).

Step 2 – Application review

Our team back at HQ will be reviewing your application to ensure you are the right fit for the program. Once the team have been through your application they will reach out to you by phone or email to give you the news you have been waiting for.

Over 95% of all applications are accepted so keep your fingers crossed!

Step 3 – Securing your place

If you are lucky enough to be accepted onto our programs you will have 48 hours to secure your place with a deposit or full payment. Upon securing your place you will be able to choose your dates/ chosen camp location and your custom payment option.

Limited spots are available for each date so be sure to be super speedy, otherwise, you might just miss out.

Step 4 – Place Secured

After you have paid your initial deposit your spot is now secured with your chosen location and dates.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after booking with access to a customer portal, here you will be able to access all your documents and important trip information.

Step 5 – Trip Updates

Every few weeks up until your departure you will receive important information and updates through email. These will contain document information, add-on tours, Payment reminders and just general information that might be handy for your trip.

Step 6 – Final Bookings/payments

8 weeks before you depart to Camp this is when all of your payments must be completed for the trip and any additional tours or extras you wish to book.

Step 7 – Documents

6 weeks before you jet off to Camp all of your documentation must be submitted to your customer portal.

Step 8 – Friends

Now that it’s nearly time to depart for the program you will be added into a group page with all your Camp friends. This gives you a chance to chat before you leave and check out where everyone is from, you will be added into this around 4-5 weeks before your departure to Camp.

Step 9 – Pre Departure

Around 4 weeks before you depart you will receive all your final information for your trip with us through email. This will contain emergency contacts.

Itinerary and pickup information for you.

Step 10 – T-shirt

Whilst you get ready to pack for Camp we will be sending out your free Camp Thailand shirts to arrive around 2 weeks before you depart, don’t forget to pack these as you will need these for all your activities.

Step 11 – Departure Day

Yayyyyyyyyyy today is the day, you will finally get to depart to Camp and embark on a journey you will never forget!


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