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This is a life changing adventure to make a difference in the lives of stray dogs whilst experiencing everything that Thailand has to offer, and immersing yourself in Thai culture! During these two weeks you will join a project that aims to positively impact the lives of the dogs you work with, as well as tackling the root cause of the country’s stray animal epidemic.

Get ready to make friends for life, both in person and the furry kind. During your time at Rescue P.A.W.S you will provide daily care for the dogs which includes beach walks, feeding and play time, along with field research work and health checks. Your furry friends are waiting for you! 

Not only will you be making a real difference by volunteering with dogs, you’ll also have the opportunity to partake in one of these amazing excursions: Visit an Elephant Sanctuary, participate in a Thai cooking class and attend Monk Meditations! (one of these excursions is included in the price of your trip, but will be dependent on the dates that you join us. If you’d like to participate in all 3 excursions, you can do this in your own time!’.

This is a hands-on experience and you are guaranteed to leave the project feeling accomplished and part of a family that is making a positive impact. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey!



Make a difference in the lives of stray dogs in Thailand

UnIque cultural experIence

Learn about Thai culture and language, medical practices & procedures, dog behaviour & training


Such as Monk Meditation, Thai Cooking Class or Cave Temple Trip


Explore the country's diverse landscape, sample delicious Thai cuisine, and participate in traditional cultural activities


The Rescue P.A.W.S. volunteer program is open to people from all walks of life, be it trained animal care specialists, those all-together inexperienced or anyone seeking a meaningful travel experience – our only prerequisite is an enthusiastic passion for animals! Typically, eligibility requirements are:

  • Must care about animals
  • Must be 18 years of age (Those under the age of 18 must accompanied by an adult and program admission for those under 18 will be handled on a case-by-case basis)
  • Must be in good mental and physical health
  • Must provide a clean criminal background check
  • Must provide proof of rabies vaccination before arrival at Rescue P.A.W.S.
  • Must have a decent command of the English language



The Rescue P.A.W.S. clinic and kennel facilities are located on the grounds of Khao Tao Temple, a Buddhist temple that borders a long stretch of beach. 

The temple grounds and its surroundings are conducive to the healing of animals and people alike, plus the beach and ocean are perfect for rehabilitation through hydrotherapy and daily walks. 

Khao Tao is an authentic Thai village about 12 kilometres south of Hua Hin, away from the hustle and bustle of a big town, but close enough to enjoy the amenities that a city offers. 

There is a comfortable selection of local restaurants within walking distance of the clinic that offers both Thai and western food options. 

The Rescue P.A.W.S. Volunteer house is a 5 to 10 minute walk around the corner from our clinic.

Rescue Paws map







Your days will vary but you can expect a mixture of:

Fieldwork – You’ll learn all about stray animal behaviour and get involved in a variety of fieldwork. From taking part in feeding runs in the local area to packs that the team have have befriended over time to working with the vet team. You’ll make a positive impact by helping us on our mission to sterilise as many dogs as possible in the area.

Daily Dog Care – Caring for your furry friends is one of the most rewarding aspects of this programme, engaging with the dogs helps to build relationships with them – an important aspect of their healthy well-being. Tasks change daily depending on the needs of the animal and all volunteers are expected to maintain high standards of cleaning and animal welfare. Morning tasks range from cleaning and maintaining the kennels, feeding and play time, and taking them on their favourite walks either on the beach or lake. Afternoon activities can vary from feeding runs, parasite treatments, dog training and releasing dogs back to their packs.

Health Checks and Procedures – The Vet team will teach how to care for the dogs and you’ll  learn basic wound care as well as getting involved with weekly bathing and de-ticking sessions to maintain the health of animals!

Media – For those interested in marketing we have opportunities to help us promote our organisation by taking photos and footage of your experience as a Rescue P.A.W.S. volunteer. You will be provided with help and advice to create visually appealing content that will be used on our website and social media channels. We also encourage our volunteers to submit blog entries to our blog talking about your experience!

What's Included

Visa support for obtaining a volunteer visa

A complete pre-arrival guide to prepare for the program 

Transportation to and from the airport for arrival and departure

Accommodation in an authentic Thai house on a gorgeous ocean front street

Complete training and orientation upon arrival

24/7 support during your stay

One free excursion, from Monk Meditation, Thai Cooking Class, a trip to the Cave Temple in Sam Roi Yot National Park, and a trip to Kui Buri National park for elephant sight-seeing. (These depend on your length of stay.)

Aid in planning all other desired weekend activities

Opportunities to learn about Thai culture and language, medical practices and procedures, dog behaviour and training, and all the puppy love!

Medical insurance






Doing my part to help the street dogs of Thailand has brought me true joy. Doing my part to help the street dogs of Thailand has brought me true joy. Even in my short time here I have watched so many sick, trembling and frightened dogs become happy and healthy. The love, care and treatment Rescue Paws provides makes such a difference to the lives of these animals. I’m grateful to have been able to spend time with a group of passionate, dedicated individuals who devote their time to improving the lives of these unfortunate creatures and to solving the street dog problem, one sterilisation at a time.


My time with Rescue P.A.W.S. has been better than I ever could have hoped. At first I was worried that my lack of experience would be an issue, having owned other animals but never a dog. I soon found that if you have a passion for the work and a love for the dogs, everything else is irrelevant. I have learned so much, from handling to vaccinating, cleaning to rehabilitating. I especially understand the importance of education and prevention with this issue now and seeing the soi packs really opened my eyes to the enormity of the problem. Every animal should have a good life filled with care and love and that is what Rescue P.A.W.S. is aiming to achieve. I am so thankful I could be part of it.


I can honestly say that volunteering at Rescue P.A.W.S. has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. These people are doing amazing things not only in the lives of the dogs, but as well as the community in which the packs are located. Being surrounded by people with such contagious passion has made such an inspiring experience, and they have taught me so much about what it means to be truly compassionate and dedicated to making a difference.



You will be staying in a Volunteer house which is located 5 to 10 minute walk from the Volunteer clinic. The Volunteer home is a typical Thai style house that includes hot showers, western style toilets, fans and laundry facilities. You will also have full access to an equipped kitchen for the duration of your stay.


2023 Dates

3RD - 16TH JULY 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

17TH - 30TH JULY 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

31st July - 13th August 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

14th - 27th August 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

28th August - 10th September 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

11th September - 24th September 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

23rd October - 5th November 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available

20th November - 3rd December 2023


Paid in full or £1,149 with a £99 deposit.

• Available