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Camp Thailand Review: Hannah’s Summer Experience

This article has been written by Hannah on her personal blog. I’ve just had the summer of a lifetime and I’m so grateful that I’ve been blessed enough to have so many wonderful experiences and meet so many new people. My summer brought joys, challenges, laughter and sunburn and I wouldn’t change it for the […]


Darragh’s Camp Thailand Rep Review

I just arrived home from camp elephant Friday 2nd August and wanted to give some additional feedback about my reps! Hayley ❤️ Hayley Wheelton was the greatest rep a camp could have asked for. She was fun and kind with absolutely everybody on the intake. She was proactive in spotting things that may have become […]

Solo travel

Tips on Traveling Solo to Thailand – Emilie’s Top #5

Written by: Emilie Taylor, who travelled alone to Camp Thailand as a participant, June 2016. Oh how I love to travel. Why? There’s nothing that fills me with more joy as I wander the streets of new places, meeting new people and learning new things. I have had some of my greatest life experiences and […]


10 Facts About Elephants In Thailand

We receive hundreds of applicants a year here at Camp Thailand, many with a shared interest in the program: to embark on an elephant adventure and make a difference to the lives of Thai elephants during a visit to a local elephant sanctuary. During this time, participants bathe, feed and care for elephants who may […]


10 Interesting Facts About Thailand

In the eyes of many travellers, Thailand embodies the perfect travel opportunity, with amazing food, stunning beaches and delightful culture. The Asian island continues to attract visitors from across the globe; here are just a handful of fun Thailand facts: Every year, more than six million foreign tourists travel to Thailand, which makes it one […]


Summer Camp America Review

Summer Camp America Review Hi! Here’s my Summer Camp America Review – enjoy! During this Summer, I travelled to America and experienced what I can only describe as an American Dream! – I decided to apply for AmeriCamp as I had always wanted to visit America since being young; it was a truly memorable experience and I couldn’t […]


Summer Camp America Reviews

Hi! 🙂  Thanks for reading my Summer Camp America Reviews post for AmeriCamp! This year, I signed up for AmeriCamp and headed to Maine in search of my very own American Dream; the trip surpassed my lofty expectations! Maine is located on the east coast of America and is so beautiful – the landscape is truly a […]


Camp Thailand Review

Each year, a legion of would-be travellers are lured to exotic lands to start their dream voyage, in search of adventure, vitality and an insight into alternative culture, many of whom have researched their final destination after researching travel options in testimonials such as this Camp Thailand Review. Year upon year, Camp Thailand successfully deliver […]


Camp Thailand Reviews

Every year, swarms of excited adventurers escape to luxurious islands in search of a dream voyage, in search of excitement, verve and a peek into a new culture. Before taking the plunge and booking their trip, many choose to research their ultimate location and read testimonials, similar to these Camp Thailand Reviews. Annually, Camp Thailand […]


Revel in the Regal Relics of Bangkok This Summer

For many travellers embarking on a globetrotting crusade, Thailand continues to establish itself as one of the sweetest options in amongst the pick-and-mix of universal pit stops, with Bangkok travel an increasingly popular option. A city sugarcoated with an abundance of aesthetic assets, visitors seeking South Asian solitude continue to flock to locations adorning pages […]


It Must Be the World’s Largest Water Fight…

Slip Into the New Year With Songkran Festival Everybody knows the New Year drill – the same songs reverberate through the walls at a friend’s house party, finger food festers on the side as an abundance of alcohol takes priority while attention soon turns to the television for an official countdown courtesy of Big Ben, […]


Is Camp Thailand Safe?

For anyone considering embarking on an Asian adventure, there is the understandable doubt that can sometimes have a tendency to creep into the minds of parents and guardians leading to the overriding question during the application process: “Is Camp Thailand safe?” In simple terms, we’ve devoted consummate time and effort to being able to answer […]


Camp Thailand Complaints

The main thing I’ve noticed about Camp Thailand complaints is that participants have such a great time that they want to stay even longer in Asia. However, despite having an incredible time during my time at Camp Thailand, I’m going to buck the trend; I feel the need to vent a few frustrations following my […]


Thai Food Tips

The sheer thought of Thai food has a tendency to instil a sense of dread amongst travellers to South East Asia; tales of alien cuisine do have the capacity to nauseate prospective tourists, with sickly musings of multi-legged street food seemingly sufficient to put many off the Thai dining experience. While some of the food […]


Summer Camp Canada Review

Here’s my Summer Camp Canada Review – I hope you enjoy reading it! This year, I went to Canada and experienced what I can only describe as a Summer of a Lifetime! – I applied for AmeriCamp Canada as I had previously been to AmeriCamp and decided that I wanted to visit Canada; there were […]


Summer Camp Thailand Reviews

I spent one month at Camp Thailand last summer and I wish I could go back! I was lucky enough to go to Camp A, The Beach and Secret Garden; I literally miss it every single day. As soon as we arrived we were having a great time – I was so scared that I […]

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