Camp Thailand Reviews

Published 11th August 2018

Every year, swarms of excited adventurers escape to luxurious islands in search of a dream voyage, in search of excitement, verve and a peek into a new culture. Before taking the plunge and booking their trip, many choose to research their ultimate location and read testimonials, similar to these Camp Thailand Reviews.

Annually, Camp Thailand delivers amazing trips throughout some of the most stunning islands that Thailand has to offer, with Camps in Phuket, Hua Hin, Singburi and Chiang Mai.

An adventure combining a range of incredible activities including teaching English to local schoolchildren, a visit to an elephant conservation and the chance to pay a visit to Cambodia, Camp Thailand is a distinctive travel program in amongst one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Upon returning from their trip, some members from each intake opt to share their experience of their travels by sharing a Camp Thailand Reviews.

Sonya, chose to seek a Summer of a Lifetime during her stint at Singburi and gave a glowing account of her visit with Camp Thailand: “Camp Thailand has been the best experience of my life so far. It’s been different to what I had initially expected, but in a really good way. During our time here, we’ve done so much: teaching, working with the elephants at the sanctuary which was incredible, Thai boxing lessons, traditional cooking lessons. The trip has been so much fun, it’s been jam-packed with amazing activities from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep. I decided to sign up for Camp Thailand because I wanted to work with the kids and work in the community – you definitely see the impact that your participation has first hand, which has been fantastic.”

Laura also visited Singburi and echoed the sentiments of her Camp mate, saying: “It’s been great! When you teach the children in schools you form a close bond with them, which is a great experience; you’re given support before you and teach in pairs so anybody who may not be experienced in a classroom has the support of another member of the group. At the elephant sanctuary, we got to see baby elephants, which was really cute. We’ve had two Camp Representatives during our time here, who’ve been so helpful; they’ve helped us when we’ve had to order food, taken care of us, they’re great company when they’re accompanying us and we’ve not had any issues with translation because they are always there to help us if we need it.”