Top Foods to Try in Thailand

Published 19th December 2022

Food, food, food. If you’re anything like us then food will be a main priority in your life and what better place to try loads of weird and wonderful foods than Thailand! 

With so much on offer you will be sure to find something to suit you! From traditional dishes like Pad Thai to some stranger ones like fried scorpion! And for those true westerners out there don’t panic, pizza and fries are always available! 😝

So many options but where to start? Well we are here to help you prioritise all the best food to try whilst you’re in Thailand! 

Pad Thai

One of our personal favourite dishes has to be a Pad Thai. This is a very popular stir-fried rice noodle dish, commonly served as street food but is available at almost every restaurant in Thailand! It is typically made with rice noodles, chicken, beef or tofu, peanuts, scrambled egg, and bean sprouts, among other vegetables. Sometimes it is even served in a pineapple dish, may sound strange, but we can assure you it is delicious! 

Thai Green Curry

You may have had the British version of this, but there is no better and tastier place to have Thai Green Curry than in the country it originated from! The main difference between Green Curry and other curries is the sweetness. Due to it containing coconut cream and coconut milk it has a very thick and creamy taste which is also a bit sweet! 

Be warned they may have it slightly spicier than you are used to, so be sure to ask for it mild if you’re not used to spice! 😃

After your trip to Thailand, you will probably find yourself craving a Pad Thai or Thai Green Curry, so why not try cooking it at home! Surprise your family with your new culinary skills and see if you can make it as good, we will warn you, it can be a challenge to cook it as good as they do in Thailand 😝

To anyone who hasn’t been to Thailand before there is a famous corner shop (literally on every corner) called SevenEleven. In this supermarket they sell toasties that you can get cooked there and then in the supermarket! It’s super cheap, quick and easy and no one goes to Thailand without having one! Open nearly every hour of the day and night, this will be your go to place and the toastie is a great food to cure any potential hangovers 😝

Time for some strange Thai food traditions, however you may find you enjoy them… 

Street Food

When walking around Thai markets you will see lots of street food, some normal looking and some may be rather strange such as fried scorpion, fried crickets and even grasshoppers! 

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re feeling daring we would really recommend trying them! These fried insects are crunchy and have a unique taste like a popcorn, nut and slight BBQ taste! 

Durian Fruit

Durian Fruit has to be one the strangest fruits… This fruit is very popular in Thailand, but can you believe it is often banned from public transport and enclosed spaces due to its very pungent smell!  

Mango Sticky Rice

For those with a sweet tooth, a very popular dessert you will see available in most Thai restaurants is Mango Sticky Rice. This is a traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk, and eaten with a spoon or sometimes the hands.  If you like coconut and/or rice pudding, you will love this dessert! 

Ice Cream

Finally, being in a hot country, the food we always crave is Ice Cream! There is plenty on offer, including some original Magnum flavours which you will not find in the UK, such as a Red Velvet one! We recommend keeping an eye out for these! 😍

But you will see lots of stalls offering ‘Stir Fried Ice Cream’ or sometimes known as ‘Rolled Ice Cream’. Don’t panic this is not actually ‘fried’. It is made using milk, cream and sugar as well as other added ingredients which you choose from a long list, including strawberries, nuts, Oreos and Nutella! Once the ‘frying’ process is complete, it is rolled and served in a tub with toppings of your choice! It’s great to watch them make your ice cream and super tasty! 


There you have it, our favourite foods to try in Thailand! Good job there are so many activities included in Camp, gives you an excuse to indulge and eat those few extra calories, you are on holiday after all! 😃

Much love,

The Camp Thailand Team x