Destination Spotlight: Bangkok

Published 3rd April 2020

Bangkok or Krung Thep, ‘The City of Angels’ is undoubtably one of those cities you never get tired of visiting. With its bustling capital-city charm, urban exploration and modern flare – the list of things to do in Bangkok is truly endless. 

Khao San Road

If you’ve not heard of Khao San Road, then we’re shocked! This place has quite the reputation out  in Thailand and continues to be one of Bangkok’s biggest hotspots for travellers. Khao San Road now represents a series of intertwining streets, overflowing in street markets, food stalls, bars and clubs. Whether you’re seeking out street-food, cheap souvenirs or an infamous ‘Khao San Road Cocktail Bucket’, this place is bound to impress. From the moment they land in the airport, most backpackers will head straight to Khao San Road to find a cheap hostel and begin the party. If there’s anywhere to party in Bangkok (trusting you’re looking for cheap and cheerful), Khao San Road is definitely the place. After around 10pm this place enters complete ‘party mode’ – we’re talking dancing in the streets, overflowing clubs and open-top karaoke bars…think ‘Ibiza strip’, but on steroids. 

Temples and The Grand Palace

When travelling Asia, you might hear people say that they are ‘templed out’. In all honesty, we recommend saving the curiosity for Bangkoks ancient draw-dropping array of temples! No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to The Grand Palace, a complex of temples in the heart of the city. The palace has been the official residence of the kings of Siam (Thailand’s ex capital) since 1782, and executes granular and royalty to a ’t’. Wat Pho, otherwise known as the ‘Gold reclining Buddha’ and Wat Aran are also worth the journey for some incredible temple pics and a spiritual awakening (if you’re into that!). All three aren’t too far away from each other but we 100% recommend jumping in a Tuk-Tuk to get that complete Bangkok experience! 


If Khao San Road nightlife doesn’t sound up you’re street, don’t fret as Bangkok is renowned around the world for having some of the most impressive roof-top Sky Bars! Fancy something a little more fancy? Take your next sundowner experience to new heights and gaze over Bangkok’s beautiful skyline with a cocktail (or glass of champagne) in hand! Here’s a few we’ve tried and tested: Vertigo and Moon Bar, Silom State Tower, The Dome at Lebua Tower, Red Square. 

A Street Food Haven

Until you’ve eaten on a bustling Bangkok street, you’ve not truly experienced traditional Thai ‘Street Food’, and for adventurous foodies – there’s probably no better ‘dining’ experience in the world. If culinary exploration is up your street, here’s a few places we recommend:

Chinatown – No Bangkok Street food tour is complete without a trip to Chinatown, otherwise known as ‘Yaowarat’. This prime foodie destination is considered the birthplace of street food in Thailand and even if you’re not really into traditional Thai cuisine, this one is worth a visit purely for the sights! Boasting meats threaded over bamboo sticks, open noodle bars and fresh fruit and veg stands (including fresh coconut water, served in coconuts, of course!) – this place really does have it all. Not to mention, Street Food here is CHEAP, we’re talking £2 – £3 per meal, tops! Might as well try everything, right? 

Khao San Road – We know we’ve mentioned this one already, but it really is a backpackers dream. Not only does Khao San Road host some of Bangkoks best bars and clubs, but also some of the weirdest and wackiest Street Food the capital has to offer. We’re talking anything from Mango-Sticky Rice dessert and alligator kebab to Jackfruit and Durians! 

Getting Around Bangkok: 

As mentioned above, many tourists take their opportunity whilst in Bangkok to travel in style and hop in an infamous Tuk-Tuk at any given opportunity! If you’re ready to splash the cash, then go for it! For cheaper alternatives, download the app ‘Grab’ (an international alternative to Uber) for cheap private cabs, or jump on the local buses for a real authentic experience! If you’re travelling to and from the airport, be sure to take the SkyTrain for incredible views of Bangkoks skyline – this one costs just 40 Baht for a journey (thats the equivalent of £1!). 

If you want to experience the best of Bangkok in a short time, we offer a Bangkok day tour on our Camp Island Hop and Camp Elephant programmes which includes all of the best sights, as well as dinner in a sky bar! You can easily add on the tour in your customer portal! If you’re not already a customer, you can apply today here!

Much love,

Camp Thailand Team x