International Women’s Day: Lek Chailert

Published 6th March 2020

Highlighting an inspirational woman

To celebrate International Women’s Day we’re focusing on the incredible achievement of Lek Chailert. Lek grew up in the small hill tribe village of Baan Lao, just two hours north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. She spent the majority of her childhood surrounded by animals and would often devote her time to helping her grandfather with the healing of sick animals. Unbeknown to her at the time, this would carve the path to Lek becoming a world-renowned elephant conservationist and the founder of the ‘Save Elephant Foundation’. 

Lek is now at the forefront of ethical elephant tourism both in Thailand and throughout Asia and is nothing short of an inspiration for many around the world. Lek’s mission continues to affect others as her voice is heard throughout the world. Her story and voice have made an impact on the minds of all who give their lives to animal welfare and conservation.

Chailert now focuses on raising international awareness and encouraging other countries in the region to follow her lead. On a day to day basis she can be found working at the world-famous Elephant Nature Park, which she founded, in Chiang Mai.

Picture of an elephant roaming around the lush green forests found within Elephant Nature Park
An elephant roaming around Elephant Nature Park

At Camp Thailand, we only believe in the ethical treatment of elephants and we fully support the work that Lek Chailert does to ensure that this is made possible worldwide. That’s why, this International Women’s Day, we are highlighting Lek Chailert as our inspirational woman. Long may Lek’s work continue to benefit elephants and all animals around the world!